Facebook & Instagram Monthly Campaign

Facebook & Instagram Monthly Campaign

R 32,800.00
Unit price per
Tax included.

That Ad Store has created Breakout Packages which are exclusively designed for larger brands who want to break the Internet.

Included per month:

1X Initial introductory meeting
4X Image adverts with post and image copy
2X 2D 6” video adverts with post and image copy
2X Custom animations
1X Carousel ad with post and image copy
12X Stock images
2X Design and copy tweaks
1X Creative review
1X Google Meet every month

Cost breakdown:

R12,800: 4X Image ads
R3,200: 1X Carousel ad
R8,000: 2X 2D 6” Video ads
R8,800: 2X Custom animations & artwork

Total spend: R32,800

For optimum results, this package should be taken on a 12 month commitment.

If you don’t have a look & feel, creative idea or a micro strategy, you’ll need to purchase them in addition to this package.

Click here for a look & feel.
Click here for a creative idea
Click here for a micro strategy.

An additional project management fee of 15% is charged on every Breakout Package.

Paid media management can be requested at an extra charge. DM us now.

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