Mobile-First Content

Mobile-First Content

R 4,000.00
Unit price per
Tax included.

You'll need always on content for your business. Social media posts, either images or videos or both. A content calendar of 15 posts a month, that matches your mission. 

You'll be hiring us to source and help you choose the right visuals and copy to match. This includes 2X changes if needed. 

Please view each product carefully and select what you need.

To source or create any videos, imagery or illustrations to be used in your ads, you'll need to add content creation to your cart to cover the cost of these extra creative assets. 

Estimated turnaround Time: + - 8 business days from when final artwork (stock or other) is signed off and available. Delivery time may extend depending on complexity and number of posts.

A project management fee of 15% is charged on every project.

Explore Ads Guides for each Social Network.