"You get smart creatives. You get talented creatives. And you get hard-working creatives. But almost never do you get all three rolled up into one. That's what Hayley is, and so much more. A brilliant problem-solver, a world-class designer and as diligent a worker as you'll ever meet. Plus she's a dynamic entrepreneur, a savvy businesswoman, a collaborative partner, a patient mentor, an industry-disruptor, a big thinker, and - above all - an absolutely wonderful human being."

— Gareth Paul Creative Director & Founder at THIS

"Hayleys' entrepreneurial success is not a surprise to me given the fact that she has incredible work ethic, is a strong strategically inclined creative thinker who values team work, collaboration and hard work. A talented, smart, sharp individual, Hayley's collaborative nature means that you are always working with someone who is willing to listen, roll up her sleeves to get stuck in and teach.

Working on one of the biggest rebrand campaigns and delivering it in an incredibly compressed time period, required individuals with maturity, smarts and a solutions mindset. That is Hayley! It also helps that she is incredibly talented as a creative and a warm, wonderful person to work with."

— Thithi Nteta, Deputy Managing Director at FCB Joburg

“Hayley is a highly skilled and credible Creative Director. Also, great at coaching young talent and imparting knowledge. She is a highly focused individual, analytical and always adds value to any team she is part of. Her optimism and energy to make things happen is contagious. I’m glad I had a chance to work with her and would do it again.”

— Maureen Bam - Integrated Marketing Communications Manager for SEABU - Coca-Cola 

Hayley’s passion for social advertising and ideas runs so deep that it’s contagious. This, together with her business brain, craftswoman eye, boundless energy, magnificent sense of humour, and get shit done attitude, sets her apart as one of the best Creative Directors in the business.

— Collette Wasielewski - Creative Brand Builder 

“Very few people, if any have been able to leave an unshakable impression of diligence, discipline, commitment, leadership, collaboration and creativity with me, quite like Hayley. Her passion and knowledge of digital and social media platforms is astounding. A self-starter like Hayley is a valuable addition to every and any team and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again, anytime.”

— Loyiso Twala - Executive Creative Director Draftline ABinBev

“My time working with Hayley was one of the easiest times on one of the busiest accounts I have ever worked on. When you can rely 100% on an incredibly smart and talented person like Hayley no task seems insurmountable. She is dedicated, highly strategic and conceptual and, most importantly, never afraid to get her hands dirty. Hayley leads teams by showing her amazing work ethic that leaves a lot of CDs wanting. I would work with Hayley anytime and anywhere.”

— Tracy Smorthit - Head of operations ABSA at FCB Africa

"Just finished my first digital display campaign with That Ad Store. Extremely professional and work absolutely answered the brief. Will definitely use them again." - Colleen Berrange - Big Five Duty Free

“Hayley is a one person agency - A strategically minded integrated creative who basically over-delivers the goods every damn time!”

— Antonio Petra - GE Data and Insight at FCB Africa

“Hayley is a SUPERSTAR! I worked with Hayley when she was Creative Director at FCB Joburg and she was a consummate professional. She is a creative & perfectionist art director, a kind & firm mentor to juniors, and a skilled & articulate presenter. She works extremely hard to delivery superb work, and is not afraid of tight deadlines. She also fights hard to maintain the integrity of creative concepts or layouts. Basically, Hayley is a dream to work with and I look forward to working with her again one day. ”

— Alan Schreiber - Executive Business Director FCB Africa

“One thing I love more than digital advertising, is having “Hayley as a Creative Director. From concept to presentation – she knows her stuff. She is my Mister Miagi having taught me so much. I hope everyone in Mzansi gets to work with her to see the potential she will release for your brand.””

— Inge-Marne Coetzee - Senior Copywriter FCB

“Hayley is passionate about creators and their creative approach, and she considers storytelling as paramount in the art of communication. In this sense, she is the creator’s Creative – and on the projects that I have been lucky enough to work with her, she has always cultivated an environment of collaboration and knowledge share. Mostly, I admire her ability to inspire and draw the best from a team, and I believe that’s the mark of a brilliant Creative Director.”

— Colin O'mara Davis - Creative Director and Co-Owner at Wondermerk

“Talented Hayley was one of my lead designers and morale boosters for a couple of years at hellocomputer. I know these recommendations are prone to exaggeration, but I can honestly say that she went above and beyond every single brief that hit her desk. In fact sometimes even before it hit her desk. She would constantly challenge herself and therefore me to approach every job with a fresh lens. If there was something she didn’t know, she would research and make sure she had every angle covered. I can remember a few times where I would leave her late at night and then come in early and she’d still be there making sure we had the best work to present that morning! Nothing but tirelessly committed to the creative never-been-done-before school. She’s essentially a start-up waiting to happen.”

— Kerry Friend - Executive Creative Director Hellocomputer/FCB

“Good day, I had the privilege of working with Hayley at FCB on the South African Tourism and Fanta accounts, she is an astute creative thinker and is incredibly organised in her leadership.Hayley has a calm demeanour under pressure and an all round great person to work with. Hayley has always achieved winning results in the work we did together. I would highly recommend Hayley Dorn-Weil”

— Lance van Rensburg - Creative Director FCB Africa

“If you want someone that will bring you a creative business solution, that has been incredibly thoroughly researched and considered, then you need to contact Hayley. She leaves no stone unturned. Her ideas are solid, creative, and painstakingly executed so that the best results can be achieved. Her concepts and designs are award-winning, but that is never the focus. As a work colleague she is compassionate and kind. And as an employee she is trustworthy, diligent, and hardworking. It has been a pleasure working with her over the years.”

— Mia Roets - Creative Director Joe Public United

“I had the pleasure of working with Hayley on some of South Africa’s biggest brands. She is a talented and experienced creative who can do it all, but has a specialised skill in social, both in creative and strategy. Hayley would add a lot of value to any team she joins. Plus she’s super nice!”

— Simon Fabricius - Creative Director FCB Africa

“Hayley loves design. Maybe even more so than her dog. She can do Pretty better than most. Importantly though she can back up the design with strategic thinking that makes sense. Hayley will be an asset to anyone in the digital world or as a means to drag you kicking and screaming into it. She does The Twitter, The Facebook, The internets, the Design and more importantly The Thinking.”

— Christopher Wellard - Creative Director at HAVAS

“I starting working with Hayley when she was a bright-eyed, bushy tailed junior and was privileged enough to continue working with her for many years, witnessing her blossoming into a well-recognised, award-winning Broadcast Designer. She both drove her own growth and mentored designers junior to her, helping them to follow in her footsteps to both recognition and award wins. Hayley is exceptionally talented, passionate, a self-starter and generally a joy to have around. I have the utmost respect for her and recommend her with confidence.”

— Bron Shultz - Creative Director ORIJIN DSTV

“I guess Hayley’s okay. Kidding! Hayley is the number one person you want on your team when you’re looking to do great work. She’s super creative, super organised and super fun to be around. When everyone else is running around with their hair on fire, she gets stuff done. I’d be lost without my work wife.”

— Pierre Du Plessis - Associate Creative Director Ogilvy and Mather

“Hayley is super talented. She’s also fun, energetic and passionate. She ticks all the boxes - concept, design, art-direction and digital know-how. It’s always a pleasure having her work on my projects.”

— Jared Kushner - Creative Director Aqua Online

“It was a pleasure working with Hayley as a designer. She is exceptonally organised in her approach to work, her attention to detail skills are great and she communicatesevery step of the way on a project. Hayley goes the extra mile on every project she works which makes working with her such a pleasure.”

— Charlie Haybittle - Project Manager Hellocomputer

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