About Us

Why does That Ad Store exist? 

To democratise digital advertising for brands around the world.

What is our mission? 

To continually make nice social media ads for nice clients.

Can I get a custom package and payment options?

If we believe that we’re a good fit for your brand, we’re open to making a way for us to work together. In fact, we’d love nothing more. Please get in touch via email thatadstore@gmail.com or via phone +27740264458. 

What is That Ad Store?   

Thatadstore.com is an online-retail platform that specialises in the creation of digital ads and creative ideas. It encapsulates the services of a modern digitally-focused advertising agency into an e-commerce framework. It’s online shopping for digital advertising.

How does That Ad Store work?

The business is built on the power and ease of e-commerce. It works exactly like any other e-commerce platform would, like Amazon, Superbalist, Zando and many others. On Thatadstore.com you are able to shop for your digital advertising products which are then delivered, in this case, to your inbox and not your mailbox. You also get to co-create and collaborate with us on your unique products that you’ve ordered. Everything is custom made.

What do I get?

Thatadstore.com offers all that a digital advertiser needs, from creative ideation and strategy to digital ad campaigns for all social and digital platforms. Each of these is an individual product that you can add to cart and purchase. You can choose any or all products, from a single ad unit to one of our diverse packages, whatever you need from whatever we offer. It’s all transparent and delivered at the speed at which today’s marketing needs require. We partner with incredibly talented makers and creators to create original artwork or amplify existing artwork. Our first partnership is with our friends from Wondermerk who are well known for creating incredible visual content.

Do we charge a project management fee?

A 15% project management fee will be charged on all jobs.

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