Why that www.thatadstore.com and why now? #2020

Why that www.thatadstore.com and why now? #2020

By Hayley Doron-Weil

Why that www.thatadstore.com and why now? #2020

Like a lot of you, a great passion of mine is spending time online. It's here, on mobile, on my laptop, often both at once, where I uncover unexpected ways to see the world and the people in it. It's here where I decided to build a new way to shop for advertising.

There’s never been a greater opportunity or a better time to leap from how things are usually done, to a new way of working, and approaching digital & social advertising.

Businesses need smaller teams, agility, cost effectiveness and new, creative ways of working and delivering ads for their products and services, and they need them now.

An e-commerce store for digital advertising may just be what's needed. We shop online for almost anything. Why not shop for creative too? That Ad Stor™ makes it easy, efficient and instant. It's a mobile-first way of creating digital ads that live perfectly on the internet, delivered at the speed they're required.

An e-commerce store that delivers great work that’s designed for the way people engage with brands online and on mobile. Ads you scroll, swipe and tap, and ads you can’t take your eyes off of. A newer kind of new that hopefully everyone I work with will benefit from.

That’s why that www.thatadstore.com and that's why now.