By Hayley Doron-Weil


Most ad agencies think big. 

At ThatAdStore.com we prefer to think small. The smaller projects we take on are often the ones with the potential to go far, to step-change your business, to land up having the greatest impact for you.

Smaller projects are BIG to you, right? You’ll be happy to know, they’re BIG to us too. Do you have a project like this? #ThinkingSmall

ThatAdStore.com is passionate about making work that matters. You can see this from some of the projects and brands that we’ve worked on.

From joining the mission to identify, develop and equip Africa's next 3 million leaders through education with ALX Africa, to helping to raise awareness in ending child labour with Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), we’ve helped smaller, local brands go global.

From participating in the positive future growth of South Africa’s economy with Medu Capital, to helping South Africans stay healthy in winter by merging tech and social for Johnson & Johnson, we’ve contributed to the wellbeing of South Africa and its people.

Education, investment, human rights and health are some of the most important issues for mankind. Small wins in each can have big positives for all.

Our mission is to make social and digital advertising accessible to every single brand around the world. We aim to be the partner that makes high quality, mobile-happy ads that put brands on the map. After all, the potential of every small project is exponential.

Thinking small is thinking mighty. It means creating fewer mobile-happy assets, done well, that can travel and connect easily with people without your message getting stuck amongst too much content.  

Thinking small means that while most agencies are looking to scale, we are looking to stay nimble, focused and single-minded.

#ThinkingSmall cements this promise, because when you think small, you often feel big.

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