That Ad Store speaks to YOCO about #NeverStopStarting

That Ad Store speaks to YOCO about #NeverStopStarting

By Hayley Doron-Weil

That Ad Store speaks to YOCO about #NeverStopStarting

“I was watching other businesses struggle just the same way I was struggling. That's why I started my second business during COVID-19, That Ad Store, which can live beyond a pandemic.”

After Hayley Doron-Weil’s pet apparel business Urban Hound Social was forced to temporarily close during lockdown, she pivoted and opened a second business. That Ad Store is an e-commerce ad store which makes advertising more affordable and accessible for other small businesses.

“I’ve learnt that I’m the only person who can solve my problems. I always believed there was a business advisor out there or someone who could tell me how to do things better, and how to miraculously turn my business around and make it the biggest success. I’ve learned that I’m that person and that I have to keep fighting hard, working hard and never giving up on my dreams.”

“Hayley took a leap of faith and opened a second business in order to ensure that she had a business that would survive lockdown. Now, both businesses are fully up and running again.

The rules may have changed, but the game hasn’t. It’s time to ReThink. ReImagine. ReBuild. Follow the link for tools, tips and tricks to kickstart your ReStart”

- YOCO #NeverStopStarting