#ShoppableAds - Digital advertising at the speed of culture.

#ShoppableAds - Digital advertising at the speed of culture.

By Hayley Doron-Weil

#ShoppableAds - Digital advertising at the speed of culture.

It’s no surprise that the global shift from offline to online has been exponential. New consumer trends are constantly reshaping the future of advertising in real-time, so much so the core of what we do as advertisers is continuously shifting. How is advertising responding? How are ad agencies responding? How is yours? 

ThatAdStore.com has and still lives for the small screen. For the billions of social feeds out there and the billions of thumbs and eyeballs speeding through, eagerly looking forward to what’s next.

Choosing from day one to build our virtual digital creative agency into a shoppable marketplace for social advertising, built on an e-commerce platform, allows ThatAdStore.com to shorten the distance between brands and their creative. Everything digital advertising is now a product you can buy, so getting your social ads is easy as shopping online. 

If your brand needs a creative idea, just add it to cart. If your brand needs an Instagram and/or Facebook campaign, just add them to cart. If you’re unsure what you need, but you know you need to be on every social platform in every size, add one of our social packages to your cart, checkout and watch your inbox for delivery. You’ll be hearing from us re: next steps*.

Let’s be honest, brands need to look to the younger generations, understand how they consume content and build for their experience, otherwise you’re building for a rotary phone in a mobile world.

“We're seeing this rapid shift and it's not just ecommerce. It's everything. Our consumers are demanding speed and efficiency, no matter what you're doing.” Margo Hays, Principal of Digital Strategy, TSG

ThatAdStore.com, by its very nature, is a shop. One that caters to an ever-changing need for marketers wanting to get their brand out there to the right people. With our shoppable ads marketplace, we make digital advertising accessible to every single brand in the world. Offering mobile-happy, high-quality ads, each at an upfront retail price, making ThatAdStore.com one-of-a-kind and turning what’s next into what’s now.

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