#NewWorkAlert Medu Capital

#NewWorkAlert Medu Capital

By Hayley Doron-Weil

#NewWorkAlert Medu Capital

When ThatAdStore.com was approached to create a global LinkedIn ad campaign for Medu Capital - a South African professional investment management company with a focus on private equity - we were excited to actively participate in the future growth of the South African economy with them.

Since 2003, Medu Capital has successfully invested in and partnered with entrepreneurs in diverse sectors including retail, transport, construction, mining, healthcare, technology, financial services, food and education, championing and promoting environmental, social, governance and BEE in portfolio companies.

Medu is a proven partner to entrepreneurs, providing long term capital and significant management skills to grow and develop privately owned businesses in South Africa.

Co-founder and Director Ernest January has acted in kind with us at That Ad Store, a true partner. Working with Ernest is one of our biggest joys and knowing that a great deal of future investment and growth in South Africa is in his hands gives us so much hope for a brighter future.

Our task? A mobile-happy awareness campaign on LinkedIn, in partnership with Medialytical, that would draw in foreign investors.

More than that, it was to show how Medu opens the door to possibility and is committed to the growth of each and every business that it partners with. What’s more, to demonstrate how their hands on approach and close relationship makes each partnership that much more valuable and meaningful.

Our ads proudly feature Medu’s incredible successes and major returns over the years, cementing just how dedicated they are to their partners success and to South Africa.

It’s a story of determination, strategy, patience and unrelenting optimism. One we are proud to help tell the world.

Thank you to our incredible client, Ernest January, and to the Medu Capital team who are literally moving South Africa forward with true intent and leadership.

Follow Medu Capital on LinkedIn and visit their website and watch out for our new global campaign #LaunchingSoon

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