#NewWorkAlert ALX Africa

#NewWorkAlert ALX Africa

By Hayley Doron-Weil

#NewWorkAlert ALX Africa

When ThatAdStore.com was approached to create a Pan African Social Media ad campaign for ALX Africa, it was a moment of utter humility and excitement. To be involved in ALX's mission, to identify, develop and equip Africa's next 3 million leaders through education, gave us goosebumps.

Are you one of them? #ImpactYourWorld 

ALX is passionate about unlocking Africa’s greatest potential - its youth. That Ad Store stands behind this, salutes this and believes that the potential of the youth on the African continent is exponential. We're just so humbled, as passionate and grateful to play our tiny part in making this a reality.

Our task? A mobile-happy Facebook and Instagram ad campaign that would draw in every young, aspiring Software Engineer across Africa to sign-up and start taking their futures to the next level.

Safe to say, you don’t enable 3 million future African business leaders by being exclusive. You open the door.

That’s what ALX does and that’s what our ads do. They open the door to possibility and put young African career paths well within reach.

#NextLevelLearning cements this promise and brings it to the forefront as the world changes at pace around our aspiring young minds. Last but not least, our ads mostly and proudly feature women, a sure sign that not only is ALX fwd thinking, but courageously optimistic about Africa’s future leaders. As a female-run business, ThatAdStore couldn’t have found a truer partner.

Thank you to our incredible clients - Veronica Mulhall, Kyle Goulden and the greater ALX Africa team who act on their intention and are literally creating change at scale in the right way, right on our continent and right... now.

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