March. Done.

March. Done.

By Hayley Doron-Weil

March. Done.

March has been a month of learning.

Learning from my peers, my clients… from the internet too, #obvs.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m not one for doing things other people’s way. I like to seek advice, learn and then ultimately decide which way I’ll go. That way, I’ve applied the learning, not just taken it and stuck it up somewhere.

My biggest learning yet?

It’s the most exciting journey I’ve ever been on. Each day brings new challenges, exciting new ventures and some of those days, twists and turns that I just never saw coming.

It’s on those days when I turn to the “University” of Instagram, my channel of preferred learning, for some truth bombs and wisdom.

This month’s Insta learnings have taught me that if we can all:

  • Keep calm & have empathy.
  • Be nice, damnit.
  • Do good today.

Then we’ll mostly all have good days, and who doesn’t want those?

Last, but not least, I’ve learnt that you should #FollowYourArt as much as your day, client, partner, puppies, business, life, etc… will allow you to.

We heart you, March. April? Let’s do this thing!

But wait, there’s one last thing… 

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