January. Done.

January. Done.

By Hayley Doron-Weil

January. Done.

Every entrepreneur has “that” month that will never be forgotten. January 2021 was one of those months. 

I found myself dipping my socially distant toes back into an agency, working with Ogilvy South Africa on an incredible proudly South African project.

With ThatAdStore.com, I’m so used to building small, mighty tribes of specific talent around virtual tables to take on projects, that I forgot what it felt like to work alongside giant teams (masked, of course), around hardwood tables, on massive, scoped work.

It was a supercharged dose of all that had been my daily life in ad land years before starting ThatAdStore.com. The best part? The people :) 

Biased as I sound, South African creatives are amongst the most amazing, fun, friendly and talented out there, and working with so many passionate people at once is a gift. 

Thankfully, January was full of gifts.

I’ve been collaborating with the amazing team at JM International on a global music project for an NGO funded in part by the EU. The client is such a rare find. Open to creativity and as excited as we are about the work. 

It’s a project that’s both truly touched my heart and answered all my creative aspirations for 2021; and it’s only January.

Doing this kind of work has a way of making you feel like you’re part of a global community. Doors begin to swing open and your world feels that much larger. So, I’m very thankful. 

ThatAdStore.com also launched two new products in Jan. Breakout Packages for big brands and Smart Packages for the smaller brands. Oh, and our brand new website, which hopefully you noticed.

I’ve also been working on other awesome advertising projects. #WatchThisSpace

January has been a long month, which allowed me to put the finishing touches on my SS1 UrbanHoundSocial.com pup apparel range - 100% our most beautiful in colour and pattern yet! It’s soon to be launching on Superbalist.com and UrbanHoundSocial.com. A huge thanks to Rameez from Superbalist who trusts us as his partner, or dare I say “pawtner” in the pet business.

I love and hate months like this. But, mostly LOVE them because it’s progress, it’s learnings, it’s hard work that grows me and hopefully others around me.

Thanks to everyone who's made this happen for me. Especially to all the brands who have supported That Ad Store like: Johnson & Johnson, Yugrow, Medu Capital, Big Five Duty Free, Rehidrat, Benylin, Sinutab, JM International, UHS and all those that are about to sign with us.

Feb, whachagot?