Going back or going home?

Going back or going home?

By Hayley Doron-Weil

Going back or going home?

It’s exactly 1 week until I start my latest adventure in Ad Land.

I’m super excited to be joining the Ogilvy Social.Lab Group as Digital Creative Director, working with global teams on global clients. Some may say that I’m going, “back”, or that I’m giving up on entrepreneurship and my dreams. I say that I’m going home.

I searched far and wide to find the most unconventional type of agency out there. One that works on global brands with global teams, and thinks, well, globally. An agency that even offers a great flexible home working policy post pandemic. It’s not quite business as usual. It’s more like business unusual.

"We’re eager to redefine the boundaries of what advertising can be and how brands can reach new audiences, as technology reshapes our industry." - Social.Lab

I’m excited. I’m scared.
I’m also hopeful that this new adventure is as fulfilling as I think it will be. If it’s anything like the process to find the right spot with the right opportunity, it will be.

Since officially closing shop, I’ve been busy converting ThatAdStore.com into #ThatBlog. I hope to always have interesting insights to share with you and to keep being open and honest about my adventures in Ad Land.

I left my last full-time Creative Director agency role at 33 and am returning to #ThatAgencyLife at 36. As creatives, we all have that love/hate relationship with agencies. My hope is that I’m older, wiser, smarter and more future proof than ever before, so I’ll lean more towards the “love” side of things.

I’ve also been hard at work on my next UrbanHoundSocial.com Superbalist drop, as well as imagining our next range of colours and fabrics. #WatchThisSpace for any updates and for our Spring collection #ComingSoon.

Last, but not least, it’s also exactly one week until I join the IAB Bookmark Awards Special Honours panel for 2021 to award excellence in digital. I’m excited and humbled to see who has had the tenacity and creativity to succeed in the most trying of times. It’s these people, brands and agencies that give the rest of us hope.

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