Creativity is power.

Creativity is power.

By Hayley Doron-Weil

Creativity is power.

Anyone who’s ever made an ad will feel that unless it’s beautiful, thought out, considered & crafted at 100%, it’s probably not worth putting out there into the world.

It’s a tall order. But, so are our social feeds. With people scrolling over 300 feet of mobile content per day - equivalent to the height of the Statue of Liberty - your ad better stop people or else.

Creativity is the most important tool we have. It’s the fuel that builds brands and the driving force behind a sale*, just ask Nielsen.

Creativity helps us make ads that evoke emotions. People are more likely to pause, to stop and to take note when an ad makes them smile, dance, frown or cry. It’s this moment of emotion that matters most. It builds a memory and if you’re lucky, an intention.

Creativity can come in many forms. Whether it be the idea, the styling, the story, the visual trick or the way in which the ad is served. We need not to stop at the idea, but continue injecting creativity throughout the process, from brief to launch and beyond.

Creativity is undoubtably the superpower that will shift a brand, change a person’s mind, move people, gain traction & attention and ultimately build brand equity and affinity. It’s the sun. If it goes out, well, dark times for sure.

So, while it is a tall order, grab a ladder and climb. Don’t sit idly by. Creativity matters to every brand, client and creator, and every ad that we put out there as creatives, as an industry, as brand builders and sale-makers deserves the same amount of creativity, love and ingenuity as the brands who tasked us to help build their names.

* When it Comes to Advertising Effectiveness, What is Key? – Nielsen

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