Acclaimed tech journo, Gadget Gal interviews

Acclaimed tech journo, Gadget Gal interviews

By Hayley Doron-Weil

Acclaimed tech journo, Gadget Gal interviews

Let me introduce you to, an online-retail platform that specialises in the creation of digital ads and creative ideas.

This year the world has had to adapt and businesses have been forced to join the 21st century sooner rather than later… whether they intended to or not.

For years the working world has been warming up to the concept of working from home but companies have stuck with the traditional office environment and the desk bound 8-5 worker.

To be fair though, many industries are traditionally not really equipped to be online – like, I would imagine, the advertising and marketing industries: they need team meetings and brainstorming and client meetings. It’s far from the days depicted by Mad Men, a TV series about the advertising world set in the 1960s, but this business still needs an actual agency office, where teams of people get the job done.

Or does it?

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