Born to create for social. Oh, hi. We're your virtual ad agency.

Looking for a pack of highly-skilled, digital-first creatives who believe every brand deserves good quality work with transparent fees and in a realistic time frame. That Ad Store makes getting high quality digital advertising for your brand as easy as shopping online.

What makes us different?

We're not a traditional ad agency. We're virtual, we're agile and we're focused on what we heart - Social Media.

DM That Ad Store, if you’re serious about making mobile-happy ads for your brand or business. Looking for genuine connections with nice clients.

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Who are we?

Founded by Creative Director Hayley Doron-Weil, That Ad Store is a collective of smart and passionate digital creatives, strategists and media planners who love making exceptional digital work.

“The girl doesn’t stop.” – Everyone I’ve ever worked with. 

“I would put down everything in my career to the fact that I cared - about what I do, who I work with, what I make.” - David Droga, Droga 5. (Ok, so David didn’t say this about me, but it fits somehow)

"Just finished my first digital display campaign with That Ad Store. Extremely professional and work absolutely answered the brief. Will definitely use them again." - Colleen Berrange



Social ads are our specialty. We’re virtual, so we can work with anyone from anywhere. Our rates are fully transparent, we’re quick, reliable and we can’t wait to e-meet you.

How does it work?

We can make you a Social Media campaign or just a few individual mobile-happy creative assets. We also offer e-commerce creative and Shopify store setup. Click here >>

How do we charge?

Each creative asset is billed for. We also offer consulting time at R800 p/h. A project management fee of 15% is charged on every project. A 50% deposit is required on all custom packages.

Who are our clients?

Brands + media and advertising agencies. From creative concept to full on digital and Social Media rollout.

Consulting Time

Consulting Time

R 800.00
Unit price per
Tax included.


Johannesburg, South Africa

Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm
Saturday, Swimming
Sunday, Swimming

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